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Shaken and Stirred by Sable Jordan


Secret agent Kizzie Baldwin has mission with a simple objective: Steal a formula while attending the festivities on the villainous Xander Duquesne's luxury yacht. There's just one problem - she has no idea it's a BDSM party.

Dom and criminal mastermind Xander is a man who like to be prepared. But the unexpected run-in with Kizzie throws him for a loop. Will he give her what she came for, or a little something extra?


I very much wish this books was longer. From the first page it pulls you in and keeps you there. The chemistry between Xander and Kizzie is near combustible.

I love that Kizzie doesn't know what kind of party she is walking into. Of course, as much as they know about Xander, shouldn't they know he throws parties like that all the time? That didn't deter me from the story though.

The part that got me hooked for more and completely infuriated me at the same time was the ending or should I say lack there of. The book ends on a cliffhanger and man does it leave you wanting more. The continuation of this book can not come out soon enough.

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