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Isaiah's Haven by N.J. Walters


Isaiah Striker puts family first, the pack a distant second. Which is precisely the reason he’s in noisy, crowded Chicago instead of alone in his beloved woods. One look at the owner of Haven nightclub, however, and a simple favor for his brother turns into something else entirely.

Meredith Cross holds her small pack together with sheer determination. After years on the run, they hide in the glare of the city’s nightlife. Isaiah may heat her blood, but she can’t afford to risk the lives of the outcast half-breeds in her care. Once exposed, every bounty hunter and werewolf purist in smelling distance will hunt them down.

But when their sexual attraction spirals out of control, a moment’s distraction is all it takes to lead danger right to Meredith’s door. For Meredith there’s only one choice: her pack.

But Isaiah knows his mate when he sees her. And he’s not giving up without a fight. 


Another great book from N.J. Walters. I loved this book. I think I have found another author to add to my group that I faithfully stalk. :p I was curious how Isaiah was going to be in this book. He seemed like he was distant in Alexandra's Legacy. I love the shy or wounded men in romance novels. I find them most intriguing and Isaiah is no exception.

He carries the guilt of his sister's disappearance years ago and has decided he shouldn't be trusted to take over the security of the pack. As a result, he stays distant from the pack and his family but if there is anything his family needs, he doesn't hesitate or ask questions. I love his loyalty towards his family. I think that makes for the basics of the beginnings of a great man. 

I loved the tension between Isaiah and Meredith. It takes a strong woman to handle all her children and maintain the status of alpha. Of course I wish she could have trusted Isaiah enough to tell him about her adopted children or have the courage to at least get to know him a little better. She probably would have avoided all the trouble they went through.

I am hopeful though that Walters will write a couple stories using Meredith's unmated children. Her sons give the impression that they will make great characters that I can drool over. 

Looking forward to more books!