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Falling Star by Diana Dempsey


Natalie Daniels' husband just dumped her. Her boss is scheming to replace her. And she's falling in love with her sexy Australian TV news agent - who's about to propose to somebody else.

What's a woman to do? Dig deep and show what she's made of - which just might land her both the job and the man of her dreams.


Never in Natalie's 18 years in news, has she been in jeopardy of losing her contract to a station. Her new boss, Tony Scoppio, is out to take her down a few notches. Maybe even make her leave her "throne" for good. To make matters worse, Scoppio is replaced at the anchor desk by the same woman she mentored who is younger than her. 

Kelly is edgy and goes by the beat of her own drum like filming an accident and not reporting it correctly. Thinking everything is working out for her, it all backfires and works in favor of Natalie.

Throughout all the craziness going on in Natalie's life, her agent, Geoff, sticks by her side. That is all well and good until they end up in bed together. And then she finds out he not only has a girlfriend, but he is about to propose to her. Can they still maintain their business relationship and both make it out of this situation without broken hearts? 


Ok so...I was not a big fan of this book. It was for the most part pretty good but I feel like it was more of a dramatic novel and not a romance. It did have some romance but not like what I'm used to reading. I wasn't a big fan of how it was written either. It kept jumping back between characters and I know it was necessary to the story but I just wasn't feeling it. All in all I didn't think it was that great.

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